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Meet the Team

Meet our compassionate expert at Schmerzzentrum Granata: Leading the way in personalized care and pain relief

Dr. med. Livia Granata, MD

Born 1961 in Bolzano, Italy

Languages: Italian, German, English, French, Spanish

xplore the illustrious career of our esteemed doctor at Schmerzzentrum Granata: Years of dedication, expertise, and compassio
Experience comfort and expertise with our anesthetic doctor at Schmerzzentrum Granata: Ensuring your well-being and pain-free

Dr. med. Leander Sakellaris, MD

Born 1960

Languages: German, English, Italian

American Board Certification in Anesthesiology, 1992

Specialist in Anesthesiology

23 years of professional experience in the USA

Master of Science (University of Vienna) Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine, 2015

Expertise in all standard anesthesia procedures for adults and children, with a specific focus on outpatient anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and pain management.

Proficient in facet infiltrations, Stellate Ganglion Blocks, Peripheral Blocks, knee and shoulder infiltrations, & more.


Dr. med. Leander Sakellaris works 2 days a week at Schmerzzentrum Granata.

Efficient office manager, ensuring seamless operations and scheduling.

Andrea Suvak

Practice Manager

FMKZ Master-Diplom: Ästhetische Derma-Kosmetik in medizinisch ausgerichtet Kosmetik Zertifikat, Zürich, 2021

FMKZ Mesotherapie freihändig & mit der Mesopistole Zertifikat, Zürich,  2021

VClinic Microneedling Zertifikat, Zürich, 2020

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